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A Diversified Portfolio Across 
Multiple Sectors and Geographies 
Achieving Optimal Portfolio returns through a Data-Driven Disciplined Approach,  Market Expertise and Strategic Relationships
Our Portfolio

ValueRock's portfolio consists of an diverse and balanced set of assets.    

Building an investment portfolio that includes positions in property, technology and bio-tech.  

This extensive portfolio incorporating property and investments where it participates in both Joint Venture Partner or investor capacity lending its strategic capabilities and expertise.

This portfolio includes assets that are in highly sought after sectors and geographies that are well managed to achieve best value and positive returns.  

Property Portfolio

ValueRock manages a diverse and balanced portfolio: 

Property 2.png

This portfolio is located in many of the highest-growth, high-income  communities in the country. Properties located in the following states include: 

  • California 

  • Hawaii

  • Nevada

  • Oregon

  • Utah 

  • Washington 

  • Georgia

  • Idaho

  • New Hampshire

  • New York

  • Ohio

  • South Carolina

  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • West Virginia

  • Wyoming

Taking an "own-money" mindset while serving as a strong steward of the Properties under its management. Leveraging Re/Development as a capability to unlock additional long-term value to benefit the property, investors and the communities we serve.  

Recent highlights include: 

  • Leading privately held commercial property owner in Southern California

  • Over 10,000 units of multi-family properties currently under re/development

  • Largest privately held grocery anchor retail portfolio in Hawaii 

  • Medical buildings in California & Hawaii 

  • Office buildings in California & Hawaii  

  • Industrial - self storage properties 

Hawaii Kai
Town Center
Honolulu, HI
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