A Visionary and Disciplined Approach to Achieve Long-term Value

Company Overview

With a unique set of skills and a strong balance sheet, ValueRock Realty was able to excel through the ups and downs of the market cycles of the past 30 years.


The success is attributed to the Company's DNA which includes:  

Entrepreneurial Mindset:  Maintaining the mindset of a start-up when focusing on cost efficiency and resiliency planning. 

Investment Management Rigor:  Disciplined approach to optimize assets and consistently achieve above market returns.  

Financial Orientation:  Key expertise in property valuations to unlock optimal returns while acquiring or disposing an asset.

Operational Expertise:  Privately held commercial real estate company specialized of mixed-use properties in the Western US.

Re/Development Expertise:  Entitlements, ability to re-imagine properties, and identify best use for the asset to reduce risks. 

History of Outperforming the Market 
ValueRock's investment performance has been driven by insights, discipline, focus, in-depth market research, and critical investment timing allowing the company to thrive in the aftermath of both the 2001 and 2008 economic downturns.  The company disposed of many of its portfolios before the 2008 great recession and took advantage of market opportunities to excel in the following years. 
In addition, ValueRock has the clear ability to efficiently and effectively asset manage the property portfolio to outperformed the market and leading publicly traded peers, with consistent Net Operating Income (NOI) growth over a 5-year period.