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Adapting Post Interruption

Adapting post interruption to adjust for new regulations and customers' risk tolerance is necessary to recover and bring your business back to profitability.  We all have to be agile to leverage new technology, new ideas, and create new revenue streams while prioritizing safety and customer convenience.  We are here as a resource and as a partner.  If you have ideas, please share with us.  Please find below some ideas we think are worth considering.

Connect with the Community

  • Offer schools and businesses a discount on catering

  • Offer promotions  e.g., buy one give one offer:  customers buy an item and the  business gifts one to a frontline worker

  • Expand your social media presence, connect with neighbor groups

  • Take photos of new menu items to display on social media, new hours, new promotions

  • Run a content to promote customers taking photos of your offerings, posting with your hashtag; choose one winner each week and send them a gift card

  • Show how you are adapting and complying to new regulations to make safety a priority and build trust and confidence

Education, Fitness, Beauty


  • California Alcohol Beverage Control Coronavirus updates

  • Outdoor seating will be more popular with your guests so consider how to make this more comfortable

  • Family style format meals – Order 3 days in advance, regular delivery e.g., every Friday

  • Add Family Packs, Date Night Packs, Movie Night Packs, Zoom Happy Hour Packs, Friday Game Night

  • Efficient Curbside Pickup

  • Limiting menu to house favorites and high profit margin items

  • Disposable menus or chalkboards or digital boards placed strategically around the restaurant; online menus accessible through QR codes

  • Improve your packaging with tamper-proof seals and brand it with your logo, tagline, and marketing message

  • Replace fountain drinks with individually bottled beverages - think how can you select packaging items that reinforce the message of non-contact?  How can you prepare and package orders with as little contact as possible?

  • Adding alcoholic beverages to takeout options

  • Adding virtual restaurants to share overhead, but add revenue

  • Adding food and produce or pantry essentials boxes available for pickup

  • Consider private dining options

  • Expand catering options

  • Partner with grocery stores to create special heat-at-home options

  • Consider adding waitlist app or paging systems that allow patrons to wait at comfortable distance

  • Integrated Online Ordering, Self-Ordering kiosks – reduce touch labor, labor costs

  • Catering to business for breakfast, lunch

  • Social media – special offers

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