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COVID-19 Resources: Private 

ValueRock is committed to work together with our valued tenants and partners to identify solutions to the challenges we are collectively currently facing. We have created this site for reference and informational purposes only, for our tenants and partners to identify available resources that are being established to aid small and mid-sized businesses .    Please return regularly to this page as we will continue to post updates as more resources become available.  

A number of companies have created programs that provide services or grants to small retail businesses. We recommend that you conduct your own research & diligence as any such programs may become available and applicable to your situation or business.   

Small Business Development Center
Small Business Relief Program Tracker 

Forbes has created a tracker collecting small business relief programs that are available and updated on a regular basis. 

ICSC Coronavirus Response 

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) site provides information for the shopping center industry with U.S. state-by-state business closures and mandates, along with a summary of legislative action to support relief for small business owners and other resources.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook has created a program offering up to $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries where they operate.  At present there is limited information on this program.

Restaurant Related Support Programs

At the present time a number of the leading delivery services have waived commissions on their delivery fees, but note that the terms and conditions vary for each of the vendors so you will need to conduct the appropriate diligence & research to evaluate if these programs meet your criterion.  ​

For tenants in the Orange County and South Los Angeles County area the Orange County Restaurant Association has created an online website to promote takeout offers and other services that local restaurants are providing to the community.   

Payment platform OneDine is offering their order, pay, pickup service for no charge for an indefinite period tied to the Coronavirus crisis.   Again we urge you conduct your own diligence to determine if the program is suitable to your situation or business. 

For Restaurant Operators – Getting Ready to Reopen
Business Interruption Insurance

Businesses should consult their Commercial Property Insurance Policy, which will include BI and Extra Expense (EE) Coverage, both of with are intended to address loss of revenue and associated expenses. Coverage, however, will be largely dependent upon the specific policy language in your form especially if it is a “Named Risk” versus “All Risk” policy. As any Coronavirus (COVID-19) related claim is currently unchartered territory, it is highly recommended to take early action with your Broker and submit claims notwithstanding the likelihood of them being initially denied by the Insurance Carrier.   If you need additional assistance, please contact ICA Risk Management attn: Michael Santulli. 


Recommended steps may include: 

  • Reach out to your insurance provider to see if you have Business Interruption Coverage and/or Loss of Income Coverage and if you would qualify.  Review your policies.

  • Track losses, even if there are issues or questions that may ultimately preclude coverage. 

  • You will be required to show the drop in revenue or gross sales for the time period you are potentially unable to pay full rent.

  • If you incurred physical damages related to Coronavirus, please collect your receipts and explanations for repair and replacement.

  • If you incurred additional expenses due to Coronavirus in order to implement risk mitigation and prevent further impact, e.g., for additional security, additional cleaning, track these expenses.

  • Claims typically should be submitted as soon as losses have been realized and can be updated to provide additional information. 

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