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About Us

ValueRock Realty Partners is one of the nation's leading real estate investment and operating companies.

Commercial real estate investments should be based on the fundamental components of performance: trade area demographics, local access, tenant mix, property layout, competition and proper capitalization. The ValueRock Realty executive team and its partners leverage their decades of property operating experience to develop the most creative strategy to generate the highest potential returns for an investment with minimal levels of risk. There are many factors that combine to make retail, office, and mixed-use properties both a superior investment choice and a highly complex one that demands a superior team of investment, operational, and transaction experts to execute properly. ValueRock's management believes that to be successful, a property needs to have a prime location, strategic leasing, "hands-on" management and a creative, aggressive business plan to enable it to compete effectively in its marketplace.

The executive team at ValueRock is comprised of industry veterans each with 20 to 30 years of experience investing in and operating real estate including the acquisition of both individual properties and portfolios. The team's professional expertise includes sourcing, underwriting and negotiating the purchase and sale of high-quality income producing real estate assets in addition to value-add and development and/or redevelopment projects.

The company's hands-on operating and management approach is another key to its success. The team has a deep understanding of the risks associated with the real estate market and the confidence, experience, and ability to mitigate those risks to maximize a property's value. The company implements a leasing and operating strategy for each property that properly positions that property in its marketplace, identifies suitable tenants, creates customized marketing strategies, and adjusts to market conditions when necessary.

ValueRock has a multi-disciplined, vertically-integrated design and development platform. These in-house capabilities position ValueRock  to render its expertise and leadership on all aspects of the design, development and construction process.

ValueRock's investment strategy involves developing and maintaining a network of strategic relationships with many of the country's most successful real estate firms including institutions, REITs, private equity funds, life insurance companies, and national real estate firms. This network provides the company with direct access to both investment opportunities and current local market information and data.

ValueRock Realty Partners Investment

ValueRock Realty Partners is focused on acquiring all types of retail and mixed use properties, on a national level. We are opportunistic investors and operators seeking core, core-plus, along with value-add properties that are under-serving the marketplace and local customer base due to a lack of capital and proper tenant mix. The team will consider investment opportunities up to $500 million.

The company uses an approach that relies on superior knowledge gathering, keen insight into what makes a property operate successfully and a disciplined capital investment and decision-making process developed and implemented through the insight of its principals. The executive team at ValueRock is integrally involved in every aspect of the investment process including initial acquisition, appropriate capitalization, execution of the business plan and ultimately positioning the property for sale or recapitalization. 

The principals behind ValueRock Realty Partners have successfully led the acquisition of individual properties as well as entire investment portfolios. The executive team has been involved with over $30 billion of transactions.